Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my bloggin' life!

Welcome again to my brand new blog! I hope this will give me a way to keep everyone I am close to informed of the goings on in my life. You may also find updates to the up-and-coming HBO special (HAHA). Currently, it is early on a Saturday and I am sitting in silence as the kidlets are still sleeping. I wonder how long that will last? Today is also "wait for the FedEx man day" so that Hayden doesn't run out of sleep medicine. I have a jewelry show to go to at 10 and then I promised my mom I'd take her shopping. Oops! Spoke to soon! There's a bratscal now. Abby has awakened from her slumber and is already questioning what I'm doing. This is gonna be a fun day. Let's see how long the boy sleeps. My luck, the pregnant cat will "pop" this weekend too! Oh well. I need to be scrap retreating again! Last weekend in North Texas wasn't enough. For not having seriously scrapped in almost 18 months, I needed last weekend. We had so much fun!!! If you are ever invited to a scrap (or other type) of retreat at HeavenLeighEscape........GO!!!! The property is gorgeous and the owner's are just so much fun. With Abby awake, I have to go. She is already requiring multiple reminders to do simple morning tasks. See you soon!