Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

So the kid's have been hiding some presents from me very diligently for about a week. They planned (yes, by themselves) to have a scavenger hunt for me. This morning, after getting dressed and drugged, they laid out the 1st clue...

Go to the place with 5 things you can pet. (We happen to have 5 kittens right now!)

Clue #2 -- go to the place where you can pack and roll. (Hayden's suitcase).

Found #1!!!!

Clue #3 -- Go to a place you can rest your head. (My bed)
Abby kind of got so excited she forgot to take pics at this point.
Clue #4 -- Go to the place you put your clothes. (my closet).

Found #2!!!!!

What a fun morning!! I didn't even have to plan it!! The really cool part is that the flower frame Abby is holding is something she earned in DivorceCare4Kids and decided to give to me!! Makes me wonder what alien sometimes posesses such a sweet child!
All in all.... a wonderful surprise from two thoughtful kids!
See you soon!